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Generally, excavation clears out the way for new construction because it removes dirt, sock, and sand for the new materials to fill in the space. There are so many different types of excavation methods today, and each one serves a different role when preparing the land. Our best excavation contractors think it is essential you know how to identify the most important ones to know what to discuss with the contractor about your upcoming project.

Types Of Excavation Services

Excavating For A Purpose

Cut And Fill

The excavation process is simply about moving the dirt or earth soil from one location to make the area the same level for new construction. A more precise explanation is that cutting the earth is about breaking down the existing earth so we can spread it out onto hollow areas that need some filling.

Some cut and fill projects create an entirely new structure, such as making an elevated land level out of a hollow or flat space. Each type of this project has a different set of preventive measures because we have to make sure the ground below stays stable to support the structure you put above.

Basement Excavation

Digging out basements is about blowing out the dirt so that it is possible to install a foundation and walls all around to support the home or building that comes on top.

Excavating Trenches

Typically, digging out trenches is about creating tunnels to install pipes, service lines, shallow foundations, and more.


The excavation removes sediments from rivers or shallow water passages to create pathways used by marine vehicles.

Excavating Materials  

Topsoil Removal

The excavation term does exactly what the title says: remove the topsoil to clear out the topsoil from things like gravel, stones, sand, debris, and more. Our excavation contractors near you do this to prepare the landscape for construction with or without digging out the foundation’s trenches.

Rock Excavation

Excavating the rock is arguably the most crucial thing about laying the ground for building. Removing heavy rocks from beneath the ground allows us to find deeper ground to drill and clear.

Earth And Muck Excavation

Muck is the mixture of soil and water, which is a mixture that can cause detrimental effects on a construction’s foundation. Earth is the soil beneath the surface level, and it too is not good when you want a strong foundation for your building. Our top excavation construction companies removed all of the above and used many other materials to ensure the ground is firm for construction.

Hydrovac Excavation

Hydrovac excavation is slightly different from mechanical tools to remove dirt and soil. The system has tools that remove mud using high-pressure water and fanning away the top layer to displace the loose materials.

Barn Masters offers most of the above commercial and industrial excavation services and may combine one or more depending on the materials on site. Check out our site for information about our services, and contact our excavation subcontractor at 509-457-3548 to get a personalized consultation.

Small Excavation Services Yakima

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Small Excavation Services Yakima

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