Four Unusual Additions for Front Doors in Kansas City, MO

Some front doors in Kansas City, MO are getting weird. There are a lot of creative people decorating their doors with all sorts of odd things. If you walk along some of the city streets, you might see these attractive additions. Here's a list of some of the most unusual additions.

1) Wildlife-Themed Knockers and Door Knobs

The next house you visit may have animal-inspired door knobs and knockers. One of the most interesting is a nautical-themed handle that is shaped like the tentacles of an octopus. It aptly reveals the hidden beach lover in the community. Other beach-related knockers and doorknobs to consider for your front door is a lobster. If you prefer something different, consider adding an alligator to the front door.

2) Stained Glass Windows Arranged Symmetrically

Replace the door with one that contains stained glass windows. Stained glass was originally used in churches and mosques. Recently, it has become a customization option for doors. Several pieces of colored glass set inside the door in a rectangular or circular pattern creates a beautiful design. It is inviting.

The first civilization to use stained glass were the ancient Romans and Egyptians. By the 8th century, Southwest Asia utilized stained glass. One notable invention that arose from this region was the cutting of glass into artificial gemstones. 46 methods for this technique were published.

3) Doors that aren't Rectangular

Most doors are rectangular, but there are other types of doors that are shaped differently. Oval doors is one example. Doors with arches are more complex than the standard rectangular door. Key-hole-shaped doors are interesting as well. Trapezoid doors are an alternative as well. Some doors appear to have a different shape, but are actually rectangular. This is due to the surrounding frame and structure of the house. One of the tricky parts of installing an irregular shaped door is the hinges. For example, a triangle-shaped door would need slanted hinges.

4) Carvings and Reliefs

Another interesting element on the front doors in Kansas City, MO is carvings and reliefs. Animals, mythological creatures, and plants are some of the carvings attached to doors. Dolphins and gargoyles look good on doors. Tree branches are creative as well. If placed properly, these carvings could be used as door handles. These carvings and reliefs will catch the eye and prompt discussions with the homeowner. After all, no one else is going to put carving of an animal on the front door.

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